Middle grade & picture book manuscripts

Middle grade novels

Jacquelyn Carberry’s middle grade novels include “Maile’s Big Move: The Purrfect Pets,” which is about a young girl named Maile who has one dog and three cats — and each animal has a distinct personality. When Maile, her parents and her pets move from California to Hawaii, the family settles in with her grandparents temporarily and there’s a problem. Tutu (Maile’s grandmother) doesn’t like pets, especially cats!

Over time, Tutu learns to get along with the pets, developing patience along the way. In essence, young Maile is not only the one who learns a thing or two about adjustment.

Picture book manuscripts

Jacquelyn Carberry writes both stand alone picture books and a series about a most human-like dog named Daisy, who has endearing qualities associated with people as well as some of the not-so-endearing quirks, too.